Viñas Familiares de Chile, or VFC, is a joint venture between the Bouchon and Bisquertt families, who have brought together their history and viticultural traditions to produce wines of excellent quality.

The Bouchon family are originally from Bordeaux, France, and have been in the Maule Valley for 4 generations, more than 130 years, making wine. The Bisquertt family has been making wine for more than 40 years, when they planted their first vineyards in Marchihue, Colchagua Valley in the 1970s. United by decades-long friendship, both families decided together to begin this ambitious winemaking project that reflects their experience and trajectory.


VFC is certified with the Sustainability Code granted by the Chilean Wine Association, a certification audited by the international consulting firm SGS. The certification includes an evaluation of our actions related to the vineyards, the winery and the social area.

We are committed to minimizing and making up for the impact of our operations, establishing sustainable management for our processes, based on a balance between the economic, social, and environmental aspects.


Our philosophy is to produce quality wines, that identify with the terroir where the grapes come from, with the backing of prestige brands, and made with processes that respect the environment, our employees, and the communities where we work.


Our vineyards are located in the Maule Valley, within the Valle Central of Chile, which one of the most traditional winemaking valleys in Chile, with excellent climate and soils for the growing of grapevines.

The Maule Valley is one of the most traditional winemaking valleys in Chile, with excellent climate and soils for the growing of grapevines.

Rains are concentrated in the winter, with more than 500 mm a year, summers are sunny and dry, with large diurnal temperature oscillation, with averages between 20—30ºC.

We have 110 planted hectares of the grapes Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Carmenere, Malbec, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay. Vines are grown on vertical trellises and drip-watered. Watering is measured via test pits and by analyzing the growth points on the vine. The vineyards are planted in an alluvial soils, with a large quantity of rounded rocks intermingled with clay horizons, combination that creates wines with a velvet structure in palate and fresh aromas.


Our winery is located in the town of San Javier, in the Maule Valley. The winery has a capacity of 4.5 million liters, both stainless steel and French oak barrels, a modern isothermal plant where the administrative offices are located, as well as the laboratory, and the bottling line, capable of bottling 7,500 bottles per hour.

Our modern facilities allow us to work rigorously elaborating premium wines, always maintaining strict quality protocols.


Nicolás Ríos is an Agricultural Engineer and Winemaker, with a Master’s in Oenology and Vitiviniculture from the Universidad de Chile. After his first professional experience at Viña Tabalí, he joined VFC Wines in 2019 as Winemaker. He’s a lover of animals and nature, and is a passionate person and a perfectionist when it comes to constantly searching for the best expression of the terroir in each wine.


In the Maule region, one of the oldest winegrowing regions in Chile, it is common to hear talk among the locals about the legend of the “Convento Viejo.”

The convent was a colonial structure from the 17th century with majestic airtight doors behind which, so it is said, old-world Franciscan monks jealously guarded a spiritual tradition. This ancient secret was a wine made from old growth vines, the grapes macerated in clay basins. The mystical concoction fortified the body and the spirit, bringing happiness and good health to all that drank it.

In order to acquire this precious mead, the residents of Maule would leave an empty jug outside their houses, hoping to find it spilling over with wine the next day. When their fervent wish was granted, they invited their neighbors and friends that same night to come share the miraculous gift and give thanks to life.


Today, more than 300 years later, VFC has salvaged the essence of the secret of the Old Convent, a legend deeply rooted in Maule and its people, to present an authentic wine which invites us to gather our friends and share this extraordinary legacy captured within each bottle.